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Jesus is my map

Jesus is my map.

He’s my goal and my guide.

He’s what I use to measure myself and the message of others. How do I and they line up with the message? If they say they are preaching correctly, he is how I know. But I have to be immersed in the Word to recognize the Word.

I separate the wheat from the chaff this way. It is how I know who is true and who is false. Sadly, I’ve even had to use this with ministers. Sadly, the people that I was supposed to be able to trust were the ones who were leading me astray.

I am for every Christian reading the Gospels for themselves, so that they can discern for themselves whether their minister is leading them correctly. To be even more honest, I’m for every Christian becoming a minister themselves. I’m for everyone waking up to the fact that God made them with a mind to be used.

We are not sheep. Jesus has redeemed us, has freed us. And he now guides us home, together.

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