Poem – Storm (predictive text)

So many times I’ve got the job
and a few weeks and months
and it will take the bus driver
just got to go out
with the best way of saying
it is the most recent version
and the first place
I have no clue who
I want you
in my room

This girl
just a bit too easy
for the rest
is history
is not an easy
to play the piano
is not an issue
that the company
is trying
not too late
now that I’m a good one
to be able
the first place
I have no clue

One day
and the rest is history
is not an issue
that the company
is not the best way
of saying
it is the most recent version
and the first half
and I love the
fact is the only way
of the best of all of them
and the rest
is the only way

Right there in my room
for a long way
in which a man
with my family
and friends of friends
with a few weeks
and the other side
is the most beautiful and amazing
I can’t believe I’m saying that

to get my money
and time
but it doesn’t even work
for a long way
in which a few years
and years
in a while
and the other side
is the most beautiful


(This “poem” is the word equivalent of random paint splatter. It was “composed” using the predictive text feature on my iPad. I used the letters in the word “storm” to generate the first letters in each paragraph. Then I used only the word choice that appeared as the far right option. I did not add any words. My only input was to break up the lines of words and take out five of them.

The sad thing is that this will get more “likes” than posts I worked very hard on that say something meaningful and important. But such is the way of the world, a world of flash and glamour, of style over substance. Plastic and fake is often preferred over real. Perhaps monkeys should have written Shakespeare.)

Poem – haste

How many people are not allowed to vote
Her husband and I don’t think they can be
Here we go back to class and it is important

After all the time of relearning the time of this is not
Another child has been taught this way
As for me the danger is that you have been there

Scary and the world better than nothing to do
Sent as well as possible for the ability to heal
Sometimes I think that you can see what I want

This may be black
There is nothing more I have to do
These things aren’t really there

Everything we are going through my head
Everyone needs and feelings do not
Enjoy your child to be a good idea to be
Either you are going through my head of this line between

(Constructed using the Kindle’s predictive text feature. A coworker and I took turns creating the stanzas. There are no additional words or editing from us here.)

Poem – Spock

Sometimes I think
that the only way
to get a feeling
is to make it.

Sometimes the best way
to get a feeling
is to be it.

Sometimes it takes a while,
but then again
I don’t know.

People who are called to love
are the ones who
need it.
People don’t want it
but they don’t know.

People are
to see.

Once I was in the middle of a lot.
Once, the time was different.
Once you are a
little more
than a little
you’ll get it.

Check out the same way, and
continue reading the last thing.
Could you have been there?

Key into your own body,
knowing that it is
the best way
of keeping the time
and our own.

Predictive text poem – “hand”

How many times have changed your life?
Here is that.
Here we are.

Any idea that is a little bit heavy
is the best for us.
All of them are not as fruitful.
All paths are valid, but I know a little something –
some will get you there faster
and with fewer scars.

Note this: time to work on your path
won’t be handed to you.
Note this: sometimes (often)
You’ll be alone, alien, along the way.
Note this: you can change paths
as quickly, as often, as needed.

Do you.
Do or do not.
Don’t try.
Give it all you have as long as it
gives you
what you need
but don’t
give up
give in
too soon.

Poem – kneeling

Perhaps you are open
to other things
that are not.

Yesterday we are going
through a lot
of people
who don’t know
what to say.

Your knees hurt.
They are a sign of strength.

In being able to fill their lives
with a way that the
same officials said they weren’t possible
they get stronger.

How many times have you
seen the world
better than nothing?
How many times have
changed your life
with a word
or a sword?

Sometimes it hurts more to stay
than kneel.

Poem – return to the middle

Return to the end of a
really cool video about
energy and intimacy
with God
in the middle
east or class or way.

God is the middle of something, maybe the night.

Right click on my own needs
and I am sure
that I was in college
where we were working on a project
to become.
Become what?
Doctors? Teachers? Lawyers?
Or just become.

Do they teach classes on that?

Maybe I’m in the middle.
Maybe that is the place to be.
Neither then or when
but here and now.

Poem sideways

Perhaps you’ll find a way,
pretty much as a sign
of strength
or weakness
or God.

Once you have been there
it is all the same
after a while

Every day I was in college when we were
going through
a good idea
something happened
that caught my head,
turned me around.

Maybe they do it on purpose.
Maybe they knew it.
Maybe it is part of the tuition.

Maybe the real lesson
is always to be found
and sideways
and never
straight on.

Poem – fear of

From raising myself to be able,
finally some sense has come.
I found out more than I ever had been.

Every day now I’m going to get
everything else
I was
either or both.

After all the work for you,
another child is learning how to be
a little terrifying.
And then I remember –

read the way home.
Remember that it isn’t
about making it so.
Right now is the point.

Poem – eggs, and books, and words.

We already have an egg.
It is us, becoming.
What if we don’t need to work so hard?
What if we are fine as frog’s hair,
fit as a fiddle,
chicken and egg at the same time?

It is another time for the chosen.

As for me the danger of that is
what I was
because I used to think
that past is just prequel.

I should just leave well enough alone
and leave the future to itself.
It will keep on doing what it wants

There is nothing more sad than seeing your own body
broken in pieces.

Our bodies are books
written by God
in the margins, in the gutter, on the spine.
Scribbled notes or glittering manuscripts
hastily written or lovingly preserved
makes no difference to the One
Who wrote us.
There are no withdrawn
no remaindered
no dog eared copies
In God’s library.

We are all beautiful and all needed.

These books are dry patches of a church.

Every day we walk alone.
Each person is a silent building.
Everything that is beautiful is lonely.

Right now you are not awake.
Really, won’t you take my words?
They aren’t even mine any more.

(A predictive text poem, using the letters in the word “water” as a prompt. Written on retreat, 1-17-14, at 8:30 pm.)

Poem – Library

Look into your hand.
Learn more about the way to be and
let me know what you want.

I was going with a man who was from Ethiopia.
If you want your child to be able to fill their lives
it’s not the sign up that will work
I’ve heard.

Because the way you want your child to be
before and
back on a Monday in October

really won’t work.
Rather than being eased,
read more than just the right now.
Remember that it was time for me –

at least it was time for
a few months
after all,


Yes there is something about being baptized.
You have to get a feeling of being human.
Your knees hurt the more you use them.

(This is a predictive text poem. I used the letters of the word “library” to prompt my Kindle to give me words, and went until it didn’t make sense. I provided only 11 words to this poem, but picked out the choices on the rest.)