The caption for this photo is

“Amanda Palmer will be playing gigs at Edinburgh at Queen’s Hall on the 9th and 10th of August and the 17th and 18th. There are still tickets for the first two shows, if you are in Edinburgh this month.”

This is Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and their son, Ash.

Many people commented on their son, saying things like “Why does Ash look likes he wants to eat my soul? What gifts do I need to bring appease my Overlord?”

and “Is it just me… or does your child have THAT look on their face… you know the one… like they’re heavily considering eating the whole Universe?”

and one commented –

“A family that sticks together … so rare and lovely. Peace and best wishes.”


Except this is Neil’s second family.  He was married to his first wife, Mary, for decades.  They had three children together.  He left her for Amanda.  He doesn’t talk about his previous children at all now.  So what part is a “family that sticks together”?