Butterflies of 2018

First sightings of butterflies for the year.  All in Old Hickory, TN.  I am an amateur butterfly spotter, so the IDs are as accurate as I can make them for now.

July 5, 2018

Zebra Swallowtail


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


July 9

Silver spotted skipper


July 11

Cloudless Sulphur


Cabbage (?)  – very active, hard to photograph and ID


Skipper (of some sort – there are a lot…)


July 18

Gulf Fritilary


July 19

Pipevine Swallowtail


July 24

Hummingbird moth (Snowberry Clearwing) – not a butterfly, but still cool


July 25

Variegated Fritilary


Spicebush swallowtail – probably a male

July 25

July 26

Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (first sighting was July 5, but this is a better photograph)


July 31

Horace’s Duskywing Skipper


Dark morph Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail





Hackberry Emperor

Cloudless sulphur (a better picture)

cloudless sulphur

August 11

Common Buckeye


8/23/18. Grey Hairstreak

8-30-18   Great Spangled Fritilary.   This was huge – nearly as large as an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

9-29-18   Long-tailed skipper.

lts 9-29



Mental health and the pothole

How mental health works –

I saw this pothole.


It was on my route every day to work. I decided to fill it with rocks from my walk. I can only carry a few at a time (in a plastic grocery bag). So I will gather rocks and fill it little by little every time I go for a walk.

It took a week to get to the point from where I saw the problem, figured out the solution, and started to commit to it. It is a slow process, but that is how it works.

A little later –

It has been days since I have last worked on this. I have left myself a note on the dining room table and a large rock at the end of my driveway to remind me that I need to keep working on this task.


It doesn’t matter that I haven’t done any more work in several days. It only matters that I continue the work. While this may look mostly complete, it is not. It is shallow. I need to add more to it. I have found a place at the end of the road where they have recently repaved so I am not taking rocks from anybody’s driveway. But to get these rocks requires that I walk all the way to the bottom of the hill and then carry the rocks, small bag by small bag, up to the top of the hill.

This too is mental health.

Do what you can with what you have, even if it is small. Something is better than nothing.  Keep going.

Also, rains will come and wash some of this away. Cars will drive over it and knock some of the rocks out. I will need to check it every now and then to make sure that it is whole and add more to it.

That too is part of mental health.


Days later….I found a small (palm-sized) box to scoop the rocks into.


It can’t be a big box because I have to carry it. So I walked down to the bottom of the hill to gather the rocks and then I looked up. Here’s the view looking up the hill.


I can’t see the top from here. But I know it’s there. The trick is to just keep on walking towards the goal even if you can’t see it.

When I get to the top I see that cars have driven over my filled-in pothole, kicking out some of the rocks.


So some of my work has gone away. This is not a “do it and walk away” project. This requires diligence.
People may try to take away from your happiness intentionally or otherwise. But all that you have done doesn’t go away. That was a lot of exercise just putting those rocks there. That is not erased. And I got a lot of encouragement from starting a project and persisting in it.

But then sometimes you have to admit that the task is bigger than you are equipped or trained to handle.  The rocks I put there were now scattered on the road.  The road isn’t a smooth surface for walking anymore.

So yesterday (7/26/18) I contacted a professional (the city government) – to fill in the pothole.

This too is mental health.

They fixed it on Friday, 7/27/18