We women are not seen (poem)

We women
are not seen
as sovereign
but subject.

We women
are not seen
as full members
of society.

We are seen
as animals
as pets
as property.

While legally
we have the right
to vote
we have very little else.

Our bodies are seen
as things
to be owned
to be used
by others,
but not as our own.

We are seen as playmates
and not people.

It is as if we are members
of some foreign country
exiled from our homeland
surrounded by people
who have not granted us
full citizenship.

In short,
we women
are not seen.

A weekend of sketching

Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. 9/7/18

Middle Tennessee Highland Games at the Hermitage 9/8/18

– The Secret Commonwealth

Caber toss

Dancing, pipers

A sketch at the tomb under a magnolia