Poem – manna

I’m surrounded by manna
and I’ve eaten my fill.

I want to grab it all,
the 12 bushels overflowing,
the scraps, the crumbs.

I want to gobble it all up
and get sick on God.

I forget there will be another day,
another blessing,
another brokenness.

I forget the lilies and the swallows.

I forget the quail in the desert too.
I forget those who gathered 2 day’s worth.

All I see is now
and I want it all.

My hands are full and I want more.

What is the goal? On diet and deity.

Say you have a friend who wants you to do things their way. They want you to eat only raw foods, or no carbohydrates, or a macrobiotic diet.

What is the goal? The goal is health, and they think they have the path that is right for you because it worked for them.

But say you already are healthy. Your weight is good. Your cholesterol is fine. You are sleeping well. You don’t need to do things their way because the way you have been doing it has worked for you.

It isn’t the path. It is the goal.

The same is true of faith.

So many people will try to convince you that you have to go to their church, be a part of their denomination, or read this book by this religious author.

What they are saying is that they think you aren’t well, but you know you are.

You have to do what is right for you, and only you will know that.

Don’t let someone try to put something into you that isn’t right for you.

Understand that they mean well, but when they try to force-feed their diet or their deity to you, it doesn’t reflect on your lack or need. It reflects on theirs.