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Poem – being human

However they are hungry
we have to love them.

However they are empty
we have to hold them.

We can’t fill them
with ourselves.
To empty out
our answers
only serves to
empty us

And leave them wanting

More love
and less

It is about honoring
the person’s own path
rather than trying to
put them onto yours.

It isn’t about your game
or your name.

What works for you
isn’t going to work for them

because they aren’t you.

So just love them
right where they are.


(This poem is now published in my 6th book, entitled “Images of God”.  It is available in both color and a less expensive black and white versions. My books are available through Amazon.)

(I’ve noticed that this little poem gets a lot of readers.  Please share with me what drew you to it, and if it was of help to you.  Thanks!)

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