Aliens built my birdbath – not.

To say that aliens built the ancient structures on our planet is insulting to ancient people. Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu – these are all amazing structures. And they were all built and designed by people.

Here’s the catch. Why don’t we have collective memories of these things? Why wasn’t the knowledge of how these stones were transported over long distances without the benefit of modern machinery? This question is one of the “proofs” of why these structures can’t have been built by humans.

But then again, how much collective knowledge do we have? Just look at your own family history. How many of us can name or tell anything about our great-great grandparents? Or great-great-great grandparents? Yet they most certainly existed, and many more back. We know as far back as three generations at most, usually. We didn’t come out of nothing. We didn’t just happen to be. If we don’t even know our personal history, how can we hope to remember our collective history?

I’m not saying that aliens haven’t visited Earth. To me, that seems entirely reasonable. If God can put sentient life here, there’s no reason God wouldn’t have put the same elsewhere. There’s no reason that life couldn’t have discovered a way to travel to other planets. I have no problem with that idea.

But I say that to decide that aliens invented, created, or built the amazing structures from our past is to insult our ancestors. I say there is no proof that it has happened, and only cancels out further questions. When you say that aliens are responsible for these amazing structures, you stop wondering how they could have been made, and you stop learning. If we can figure out how the stones in Stonehenge or the moai on Easter Island were moved from the quarry to their resting sites without modern pneumatic machinery, we’d learn a lot about how to build in energy-efficient ways. This could help out developing countries that don’t have such technology but have a need for large structures for housing. We could learn to build in less expensive ways.

Look at the Romans. They figured out the secret of concrete and of indoor plumbing – hot and cold, long before anybody else did. When they retreated from Britain, they took their knowledge with them. They weren’t aliens. They were just really organized, and knew a good thing when they saw it. They were really good at taking technology from other cultures and adopting it as their own and improving upon it. Nobody says the Coliseum was built by aliens, and it rivals any ancient marvel.

So let’s stop thinking that aliens built anything. Let’s start thinking for a change.