On predictive text poems.

Nothing amuses me more than my predictive text poems. They are meaningless fluff, and yet they are fun to write. My Kindle almost writes them for me. I’m a little disheartened that they seem to get more “likes” than the stuff I pour my heart and soul into though.

Maybe people see more into them than I do. However, maybe they don’t get it either, and they think because they don’t get it, it must be “art”. Not really. Just because you don’t get it doesn’t make it art. It might just be odd.

Sometimes when I feel that I need more followers, I’ll make a predictive text poem. It is amazing how this works. Is it something about WordPress that attracts poetry lovers? Or is this true for the blogging world in general?

Perhaps there is a ghost in the machine. When I do predictive text poems, they sometimes reveal a hidden truth. It is like doodling and then seeing a pattern. Sometimes (often) something comes out that I didn’t mean to come out, and it is pretty surprising. Sometimes it just seems interesting enough that it is worth looking at a few times.

I’ve discovered another way of using the predictive text feature on my Kindle as well. When I’m writing a regular piece, it will offer words that are pretty amazing together. I’ve started to write them down, and I’ll use them later. It is kind of like fishing, and instead of reeling in a catfish, I find a diamond ring. While the catfish was what I was looking for because I was hungry, the diamond ring is nice too. It doesn’t fulfill my needs at the time, but I can save it. I do have to be aware of getting distracted from my train of thought while I do this though.