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Fall is coming

It is good to slow down and watch the seasons change right before your eyes.  Ideally, I’d take this picture every day at the same time, but my lunch schedule doesn’t permit it.  So noon and 2 it will be.

tree2pm101816  2 pm, Tuesday 10/18/16

tree12pm101916 Noon, Wednesday 10/19/16

2pm-thursday-10-20-16-after-a-rain 2 pm, Thursday 10/20/16, after a storm

And then I run into a dilemma – I’m off this next week.  But if I don’t take a photo of this every day, I’ll miss it. This isn’t as forgiving as the “Tuesday Buffet” series I did.

tree2pmfriday102116 2 pm, Friday 10/21/16

tree-2pm-sunday-102316  2pm, Sunday 10/23/16

2-pm-monday-102416   2 pm, Monday 10/24/16

It doesn’t seem like it is changing very fast.  So do I need to take a picture every day?  But – if I don’t try, I won’t be able to go back and fill in that gap.  However – art must serve the artist, not the other way around.  If this isn’t fun to me, but work, then it defeats the purpose.

2pm-wednesday-102616 2 pm, Wednesday 10/26/16

12-pm-saturday-102916 12pm Saturday 10/29/16

i-12-pm-monday-103116  12 pm Monday 10/31/16

j-2pm-tuesday-110116   2pm Tuesday 11/1/16

k-12pm-wednesday-110216 12pm Wednesday 11/02/16

l-12pm-saturday-110516 12pm Saturday 11/05/16

m-12pm-monday-110716 12 pm Monday 11/07/16

m2-12pm-wednesday-110916 12pm Wednesday 11/09/16

m3-2-pm-thursday-111016 2pm Thursday 11/10/16

Off four days, did not come up here to take pictures.

m4-2pm-tuesday-111516 2 pm Tuesday 11/15/16

m5-12-wednesday-111616 12pm Wednesday 11/16/16

m6-2pm-thursday-111716 2pm Thursday 11/17/16

m7-12-saturday-111916 12 pm Saturday 11/19/16

m8-2pm-tuesday-112216 2 pm Tuesday 11/22/16

m9-12pm-wednesday-112316 12 pm Wednesday 11/23/16

A rainy and windy day.  I drove here rather than walk so I didn’t get stuck outside in a storm.

And then it was Thanksgiving break, so I missed 4 days.  I almost skipped Monday as well because I was off to tutor for the second time this school year.  But a lot has happened, so I had to.

n1-12-monday-112816 12 Monday 11/28/16

We had a big storm with 50MPH winds on Monday night. Leaves are everywhere and finally there is the smell of late autumn – wet leaves decaying.

n2-2pm-tuesday-112916 2pm Tuesday 11/29/16

n3-12pm-wednesday-113016 12pm Wednesday 11/30/16

n3-2pm-thursday-120116 2pm Thursday 12/01/16

n5-12pm-saturday-120316 12pm Saturday 12/03/16

n6-12pm-monday-120516 12pm Monday 12/05/16

Since you can barely see any more leaves on it, I’ve decided to post this. Perhaps I’ll do a Winter, Spring, and Summer series too.


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