Apologize! (?) – we are being distracted.

My two cents on the “Hamilton” hullabaloo. He should lead by example. How about he apologizes to the veterans with PTSD who he said were “weak”? Or perhaps the women he said were fat and ugly? Or those he sexually assaulted? Or the people who are disabled? Or basically everyone who isn’t a white male? He should apologize first, to show us how it is done. This is what leaders do.

But – here’s the important part. We are being distracted and divided again. He’s leading the dance. We are all puppets when we get distracted like we are on such little things. This is what he wants – to divide and distract us.  Don’t be fooled.

Stay focused. Be alert. Take care of yourself and those around you.  Take care of marginalized people in your community. If we each take the time to re-direct our energy, we’ll get through this. No longer can we count on the government to take care of us.  We’ve given away our power for too long anyway.  It is time for the American people to take care of each other.  We must.  We will be stronger for it.