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4 x 6 art, July 2016

I’ve not done any of these in months. I’ve been trying to walk at least 30 minutes every morning before going to work, so that eats into my art time. Then realized (remembered?) that I can do pieces of this – do the backgrounds one day, and the images and words another day. That makes it easier. I may add more to this post if I create more this month. There is something to be said for limiting myself to only a few forms of artistic expression, but I’m not there yet. Maybe I never will be. I tend to explore similar themes regardless of the form – collage, art journal, painting, beading, or even writing. It all blends together. But it does lead to having to have a lot of different art supplies and room to store them. While this genre produces small art, it takes up a lot of space to store the supplies for it.

come back new 071416

ability 071416

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