Late July 4×6 collage

Both finished 7-29-16.  I’ve realized that even if this looks like a simple project, it takes more time than I am able or willing to give to it to complete one from start to finish in a single sitting.  So I accept that doing it in stages counts.  Finding and cutting out the images and words from magazines is very time consuming, so I’m grateful I have them organized well to find the clippings when I need them

postcards from the curious 072916


share 072916

4 x 6 art, July 2016

I’ve not done any of these in months. I’ve been trying to walk at least 30 minutes every morning before going to work, so that eats into my art time. Then realized (remembered?) that I can do pieces of this – do the backgrounds one day, and the images and words another day. That makes it easier. I may add more to this post if I create more this month. There is something to be said for limiting myself to only a few forms of artistic expression, but I’m not there yet. Maybe I never will be. I tend to explore similar themes regardless of the form – collage, art journal, painting, beading, or even writing. It all blends together. But it does lead to having to have a lot of different art supplies and room to store them. While this genre produces small art, it takes up a lot of space to store the supplies for it.

come back new 071416

ability 071416

4 x 6 index card art, December 2015

It is customary that the woman of the house not work for the time while the candles are burning at Chanukah. I decided to make art during this time. I’ve enjoyed these little quick art projects in the past but have not made time for them since I was working on editing and formatting my third book. I’m glad I made time to do these during this time. It forced me to sit still and play.

12-6-15 1st night of Chanukah
120615 H1a

120615 H1b

12-7-12 2nd
120715 H2a

120715 H2b

120715 H2c

12-8-15 3rd night
120815 H3a

120815 H3b

12-9-15 4th night
120915 H4a

120915 H4b

12-10-15 5th night
121015 H5a

121015 H5b

12-11-15 6th night
121115 H6a

121115 H6b

121115 H6c

(door 1)
121115 H6d door1

(door 2)
121115 H6d door2

(door 3)
121115 H6d door3

(door 4)
121115 H6d door4

12-12-15 7th night
121215 H7a

121215 H7b

121215 H7c

121215 H7d

12-13-15 8th night
121315 H8a

121315 H8b

4 x 6 collage – January 2015

I created my first 4×6 collage at a retreat a few weeks back. When I was given the assignment, I balked at the size. Too small, I thought. I’ve got a lot to say. I made the first one, and then quickly made two more. I’ve learned to appreciate the need to edit my thoughts with this format. It also appeals to my love of collecting phrases and images from magazines. Fortunately, the magazines are free – discards from work. The scrapbook paper is not. I shake my fist at my friend who turned me onto this. Like I need to spend money on a whole new set of crafting supplies…

wild tame 011915

spiritual landscape (the retreat theme)
spiritual landscape 011015

other way (a reminder to quit butting heads and try things differently)
other way 011015

land-sea (poem)
land sea 011915

hidden treasures
hidden treasures 012515

God’s calling (al
Gods calling 011015