Message for 7-18-2016

I had a very difficult time going to sleep last night and when I finally did I had a very intense and vivid dream.

The lesson that was received was this:

It will all work out.

God is in charge.

Even though it does not currently appear so, walk towards what you think is right and the way will reveal itself.

There is a solution.

Do not remain still. Do not be immobile. All will be revealed but only if you act. Act with calmness, trusting always in God.

Listen constantly for God’s voice, especially now. Now is a time of narrow paths and deep chasms, so it is very important to listen closely.

Trust implicitly in God at this time. This is the time of winnowing. Only those who are awake will be rescued.

Be alert at all times for your call to help others. Remain a beacon of calm. Your mindfulness and centeredness is the salve for the wounds of the world. It comes from God – never forget that.

God says
I am with you.
I am acting.