Fake it ’till you make it – not.

Maybe it is best if we all stop pretending to be the same. Maybe if we all stop faking that we are “normal” we will all get to actually be who we really are for a change.

The more we all get cosmetic surgery to average out ourselves, the more the oddball doesn’t know he is normal.

Blind in one eye? Wear sunglasses or a patch.

Have one leg shorter than the other? Wear a lift.

Butt too big? Wear compression underwear.

Boobs too small? Wear padding.

When we smooth and stuff and shave and shape our bodies to fit some imagined idea of “normal” we have stopped being normal.

We do the same with our emotional lives. We say we are fine when we aren’t. We pretend to be on an even keel when we are angry, sad, hurt. We fake it so often we don’t know what we really feel anymore.

Who are we trying to appease/impress? Ourselves, or them? What if they are faking it too, for the same reason? It takes too much energy to be fake.

We need to stop faking it so we can start to make it for a change.

When we start being ourselves, we give everyone else permission to be themselves too. We let them know it is OK to take off their masks when we take off our own.

It is scary, at first, for us and for them. But all change and growth is scary at first. Some people might feel threatened by your new-found honesty and freedom. Be yourself anyway.