One person, one book

Ramadan is the Muslim holy month celebrating Mohammed receiving the Quran while he was alone in a cave. Shavuot is the Jewish holiday celebrating that the Jews received the Torah, which was through Moses when he went up a mountain. Alone.

In both holidays, one person, alone and away from everybody else, was given a large amount of material to share with a group. In both, one person receives the rules that everybody else has to follow.

How does that work? How do people agree that this one person, without any witnesses, actually got a message from God? Why do they then change their ways so that they follow this message their whole lives, and teach it to their children?

Seems like a bad idea to just take somebody else’s word that this thing, just created, is The way that things have to be done. There was no precedent, no history. The stories and rules didn’t grow over generations. These were created out of whole cloth, if you will.

All at once.
By one person.
Who said they were talking to God.

And a large group of people just follows along. Oh, God told you that? OK, we’ll change our whole lives just to fit that.

People don’t even listen to basic health advice which has been proven by science. They still smoke and eat fatty foods and drink caffeine and have all the sugar they want and don’t exercise. They won’t change even one basic thing about their lives so they will be healthier, even though there have been years of studies to prove the truth behind the claims.

But one guy goes into a cave or up a mountain and says God talks to him and tells him to write this stuff down, and they change their whole lives to fit it?

Yeah, that makes sense.

I believe that God who dials direct.