Sexism works both ways

To vote for someone because of their gender is just as sexist as voting against someone because of their gender.

Women may think that they are being feminist by voting for Hillary Clinton because she is female, but by default they are choosing to vote against Donald Trump because he is male. To make a decision based on gender is sexist even if you think that your decision is positive. People who voted for men in the past didn’t think that they were voting against women, but by default they were. You have to choose one or another. But if your main criteria for selection is gender, then that is sexist.

The same thing happens when women decide to make their God female. When they worship the Goddess they are making God in their own image. They are making God into something that looks like them.

When we have hiring policies that force employers to hire people based on their gender or their race in order to make up a difference from the past we are again being sexist or racist. They don’t appear so because we are making up for a previous deficiency. We are righting a wrong.

But when you select someone in the positive you by default are leaving out someone in the negative. In choosing a black woman over a white man for a job purely because of gender or race rather than ability you are by default not choosing the other as an employee because of his gender and race. You may think that you are making a positive choice but by your seemingly positive choice you are by default leaving out someone else.

We need to vote for and hire people, not packages. We need to vote for and hire what is inside rather than what is outside.


To choose to read something based on the gender or race of the person who wrote it is “ist”.

I knew a lady who is a lesbian who only read books written by women. I wasn’t brave enough to ask her if she ever read anything by George Sand.

There are people who say they are feminists, and they only will worship “the divine feminine” – the Goddess.

There are white people who will only read things by white people, and black people who will only read books by black people.

This is all “ist” – racist, sexist.

It is making God in your own image. It is staying in your own neighborhood. It is only looking at yourself and not knowing anything about your neighbor.

How can you love your neighbor if you know nothing about her or him?

But likewise, to choose your friends based solely on their race or gender is also “ist” -even if they are opposite you. To be white and pick a friend because he is black – not because of who he is, is “ist”.

Goose, gander

“What is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

While this phrase actually refers to sauce, it can also refer to life. If you want to learn if something is sexist, put each gender’s face on it and see what it looks like. If it seems odd, then maybe something is up.

I’m specifically thinking of books right now, but you can do this with anything.

Teen girls are bombarded with books about how to get and keep a boyfriend. How to lose weight. How to do their makeup and hair. How to dress.

There are no similar books for teen boys.

If they read at all, the books they read are science fiction. Boys rarely read books for fun. This needs to be addressed, but it isn’t the topic of this post.

So if it is OK to teach girls that their focus in life should be on their image, and subsequently, how to catch and keep a mate, how come it isn’t something we teach boys?

Maybe we shouldn’t teach girls this at all. Maybe we should teach them good character skills rather than good cosmetic skills. Maybe instead of teaching them how to dress for success, we should teach them how to be a success. Maybe instead of teaching them how to find a mate we should teach them how to find themselves.