The Lamb of God

(According to John, this is how the first disciples were called.)

John was standing with his disciples the next day. He said to them “Behold the Lamb of God!” when he saw Jesus pass by. The two disciples went to follow Jesus after they heard this.

Jesus turned to look at them and asked “What do you seek?” They said “Teacher, where are you staying?”

He replied “Come and see.” He took them to where he was staying and they remained with him that day. This was around ten a.m.

Simon Peter’s brother Andrew was one of the two disciples who left John to follow Jesus. He first went to find his brother and said “We have discovered the Anointed One!” and then he brought him to Jesus.

Jesus saw him and said “You are Simon, John’s son, but from now on you will be called Cephas” (meaning “Rock”)

JN 1:35-42

The One from Heaven

The One who comes from heaven is greater than all. The one who is from earth is limited and speaks only of earthly things. The One who is above all speaks about what he has seen and heard, yet no one believes his testimony. Those who have accepted his testimony have affirmed the truth of God. God has sent him, and he speaks what God tells him to say, because God gives the gift of the Holy Spirit without any limitations. God the Father loves the Son, and has given him charge over all things. Those who believe in God have eternal life, but those who choose to not believe are like the dead – the wrath of God rests upon them.

JN 3:31-36