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Evolution at work

Nothing makes sense anymore. All the things that used to work don’t. It is as if our teachers have left the room and we are now faced with a test and we can’t have our notes or books with us. It is as if we have been dropped into a deserted island and we have to figure things out on our own. All our old schedules and routines no longer apply.

I know that I am not alone in this feeling. It feels as if we all have gone through a week of our brains being stuck in molasses. It is very unsettling.

It is like we are at a strange stage of adolescence that we weren’t prepared for. Imagine how weird it is to be in the in-between state between being a inchworm and a butterfly. Have you seen how strange baby penguins look when they are getting their adult feathers? There’s that awkward part about maturing where our voices change and our body doesn’t seem to fit. But this evolution and growth is not something that we have seen before. We are not prepared for this. What are we growing into? What are we becoming?

And how do we navigate this new way of being? Who are our guides?

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