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acrylic paint applied with fingers, buttons I bought in May in thrift and antique stores in North Carolina.

Inspired by this sight – a rust patina stained sidewalk, scattered with “helicopter” seeds, at the Monastery Immaculate Conception in Ferdinand, Indiana (April 2016)


And this sign at a craft store in Linville, NC, May 2016.  It was a board, painted green, and the word “OPEN” was nailed on to it using soda-pop caps and nails.  Allowed to rust outside in the rain.


And perhaps most importantly, my English grandmothers’ metal tin full of buttons.

I’m so sad that I’ve misplaced it.  It had such a beautiful smell along with the sights of the buttons, the sound of them clinking together, the different textures (wooden, fabric, plastic, rubber, metal).  I never met her, and I cherished those buttons.  And now I can’t find the box.  I’m sure it is in my craft room.   More uncovering needs to happen. And I need to stop buying craft supplies and use what I have.

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