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Poem – why make art?

Do you do it anyway?
When they hate
your art, your music, your writing
or just you?

when you don’t get any
do you do it anyway?

Indifference can be a killer
of motivation, of creativity, of a career.
Or even a killer, period.

Who are you when nobody’s applauding
or even noticing?
Without fame, what is your name?

If you keep writing, drawing, making
because you must, because it must
be, be written, be drawn, be made

then you are there.

No empty art will do,
will fill your empty heart
that beats to the drum of a thousand
empty followers.

If you create because you must,
then that is your pay,
the knowing that you have birthed
a spark of God,
have been midwife to Creation.

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