Possessions and the kingdom

“It is very difficult for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven. It would be easier for a huge camel to go through the tiny eye of a needle.”

His audience was astounded and confused at the same time. They asked “Then who can be saved?”

Jesus looked at them and said “If people try to do it with their own power, they will fail. But if they rely on God’s power then everything is possible.”

Peter looked at him and said “Lord, we’ve left everything we had to follow you. What will happen to us?”

“Mark my words,” Jesus said, “everyone who has left their home and family because of me and the Good News will receive 100 times more than that back now, as well as receive eternal life in the age that is coming. Many who are last will be first and many who are first will be last.”

MT 19:23-30, MK 10:23-31, LK 18:24-30

Poem cart/carriage

I saw them, crossing the bridge.
A mother and her baby in a carriage
on the left side of the road
against traffic.

The margin is wide there, plenty of room.

Such a cold day!
All the bundling, all the wraps
the blankets covering.

I smiled a little, but was concerned.
This road isn’t really for pedestrians
and it is very cold out.

This wasn’t a stroll.
There was purpose to this venture.
Perhaps a trip to Target
for detergent or apples?

And then I got closer
and saw
the mother wasn’t
because she
was a he
and there was no baby
and that was no carriage
but a shopping cart
filled with any and sundry
worldly and otherwise.

And it all deepened
and went sideways.

It was still a sunny day
it was still cold
the road was still not safe
for walking

but now there wasn’t the hope
of new life,
of young life
but instead the awareness
of something else
in my neighborhood.