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Word search

We plunged, edge first
into the kayak sunset,
secret valor our only prayer.
Vespers had come too soon,
sulking like a lion
late from a sunburn,
a bone his only friend.

Bonjour to plaid!
Out with olive!
The seasons change faster
than faucets around here.
The suspense is too much to bear.
When will it ever be the right time?
I’ve misplaced my crayons again.

Fortunately it is never too late to have experiences. Well, it is only too late if you don’t ever start. We are in a cabin at a state park, and instead of watching TV we have a fire going and are enjoying coloring and activity books designed for children. We are lying on the floor in front of said fire. Crayons are involved. We are not drawing in the lines, or even following the implied rules most of the time. This seems like an experience we should have had as children, but didn’t. Forget bucket lists with grand things like skydiving and eating fresh caught mussels on the beach – I just want the holes from my childhood filled.

So I’m doing this word search and I start to see words that aren’t really there. Closure is happening, and the words are just interesting enough that I wrote them down and decided to make a little poem out of them.

Here are the words I found that weren’t really there.
Kayak suspense plaid lion bone vespers sunburn valor prayer Bonjour faucet olive edge secret

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