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Poem – Mary

You say you want
God to be a woman
Vulnerable, caring, open.
The male version of God is too
Loud, too pushy, too much
And yet not enough
for you.
Rather than playing with the Hindus
And their multi armed multi faceted
Plethora of faces of the
Divine that
Are female
You play it safe
And worship Mary
Forgetting that Mary
Would be yet another mother
Who had high hopes for her son
Yet another in the many long sad years
Of mothers known and unknown
If it weren’t for the fact that
This mother
This Mary
Would be forgotten
Left behind
If it weren’t for the
Tiny little fact
That her son
Wasn’t just anybody.
You can’t worship the mother
and ignore the son.
If it weren’t for the son,
she wouldn’t be a mother.
If it weren’t for who the son is,
we’d never know her name
Or her story.
The two are tied together
In an umbilical cord kind of way
A woven blanket, warp and weft united,
A lullaby sung by two.
You can’t have one
Without the other

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