Jesus rebukes the sea

In the boat one evening, Jesus told his disciples “Let’s cross over to the other side of the lake.”

Shortly afterwards, a dangerous storm came up. The storm was so violent that the disciples were afraid that the boat was going to be swamped by the waves and they were going to drown. They went to get Jesus and found him sleeping on the cushions in the back of the boat. His disciples woke him saying “Master we’re going to die!”

He said to them “Why do you have so little faith?”

Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves saying “Silence! Be still!”

Everything suddenly went calm. His disciples were amazed and asked each other “Who is this that even the winds and the waves obey him?”


MT 8:23-27. MK 4:35-41. LK 8:22-26

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Demons driven out into pigs

And they sailed to the region of the Gerasenes which is opposite Galilee. As soon as He got out of the boat a man with an unclean spirit came out of the tombs and met Him. He had lived in the tombs for a long time. He wore no clothes and would not stay in a house. He was so violent that no one could pass that way. Many times the demons had seized him and although he was guarded and bound by chains and shackles he would snap the restraints and be driven by the demon into deserted places. And all night and day he was crying out in the tombs and in the mountains, cutting himself with stones.

When he saw Jesus from a distance he ran and knelt down before Him. Suddenly he shouted “What do you have to do with me Son of God? I beg you, don’t torment me.” He said this because Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of him.

“What is your name?” Jesus asked the spirit.

He answered, “My name is Legion, because we are many.” The spirit begged Jesus not send him out of the region and asked to be driven into the nearby large herd of pigs instead.

Jesus said “Go!”

Suddenly, 2000 of the herd rushed down the steep bank of the hillside and into the sea and drowned. The men who attended the pigs ran away to the city and told everyone there what had happened. All the people then came to see. When they came they saw Jesus and the man who had been possessed by the demon. The man was sitting there dressed and in his right mind. The people were afraid, and asked Him to leave the area. The man who had been possessed kept begging Jesus to let him follow Him.

Jesus refused and said “Go back to your home and your people and tell them all that the Lord has done for you and has had mercy on you.” So he went and began to proclaim how much Jesus had done for him and they were all amazed.


MT 8:28-34, MK 5:1-20, LK 8:26-39
Notes – In Matthew there are two possessed men, in Mark and Luke there is only one. The possessed man asked to go with Jesus in Mark and Luke only. The location is alternately spelled as the region of the Gadarenes or Gergesenes or Gerasenes