Deer Yeshua

So I bought this bit of artwork. And I made it into something else.

I didn’t think to take a picture of it when I started, so here is a picture of it after the first day.


It said “Yeshuaddix!” in spraypaint.
Yeshua Addix.
Jesus freaks.

I’m for Jesus, certainly. This is a little weird, even for me. But I like a nearly free canvas. It was on sale at Thrift Smart, and I had a Groupon. This two foot by three foot “painting” cost me $6. I had no compunctions about painting over it. It isn’t a masterpiece by any stretch.

I don’t have (I don’t make) enough time to paint every day. I steal away a bit here and there. I decided to mess around with this canvas and see what happened. I practice “blob” art. I put a bit of paint straight from the tube onto the canvas. I put another color, and another, then I swirl it around with my fingers. It releases my inner three year old. Pretty fabulous, actually.

It is hard to wrench myself away and become a responsible 45 year old, but I have to. It pays the bills.

Here’s a closer shot of a really interesting bit.

Then I finished it.

I left two lines of the silver spraypaint – one slightly obscured – to remind me of the underpainting.

I just enjoyed putting the paint on the canvas. I enjoyed the playtime. It doesn’t have a theme or a goal.

I posted my blog post about “Blob Art” on the Facebook page of a creative group I belong to, and one member wanted an example of what I meant by “Blob Art”. I took a picture of this and posted it.

Her comment was “Looks like an aerial view of a deer by a tree. Were you seeing that?”

Nope. Not at all. I like that she saw that, and it proves my point. People see what they want to see. All art, whether representational or abstract, changes meaning when it leaves the hands of the artist.

So this is Deer Yeshua, like Dear Jesus, or Dear John.

WordPress turned the first two pictures sideways, in spite of my best efforts. It does what it does. Feel free to pick up your monitor and turn it to compensate.

Not for sale paintings/collages

Marriage feast. Acrylic, leaf skeletons, Buddhist coin (in painting), foreign stamp with a bear on it, English sixpence coin I wore in my shoe when I got married (loose in the shadowbox). The canvas is glued to the backing of a shadowbox. Canvas is about 4 x 5. Impressions of honeymoon on Grandfather Mountain.


A different view – the glass is hard on the camera.


Flight. Acrylic, stamp from Zaire showing DaVinci’s flying machines, leaf skeleton, Canadian coin with a bird, cut out corner of a Visa card with bird hologram. Framed – original canvas was 5 x 7


Paintings and collages, posted 6-13-14

Early morning behind the rock, on the planet Graille. (a picture is worth a thousand words series) Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20

Swimming. Silver and aqua acrylic paint on canvas. 8 X 10


Yellow queen. Acrylic paint, English stamps of the Queen facing left with one Austrian one of a dragon facing right, in a gold spiral path. On 8 X 8 canvas.


Angled view of the above, to show the gold.


Luggage. Stamps and money from around the world, with Chinese fortunes. Acrylic paint on 5 x 7 canvas, with decoupage glue.


Mid afternoon rain on the planet Graille (a picture is worth a thousand words series) Acrylic on 11 x 14 canvas


Angry eye. Acrylic on 11 x 14 canvas


Underwater rabbit fish. Acrylic, photocopy of a cross section of rabbit bone, water color pencils, cut out fish stamps, tissue paper, gold pastel, decoupage glue, canvas 8 x 8


Side angle of the same.


Leaves in water. Acrylic, gold foil, real leaf skeletons, decoupage glue, canvas 8 x 10


Sunset clouds. Acrylic on 5 x 5 thick canvas, sides painted as part of the design as well.


A side view.


Deer Yeshua (see separate post explaining name) Acrylic, silver sharpie on 24 x 36 canvas

All of these are available for sale. Please write a comment for more information.