Paintings set 1(including acrylic and watercolor pencil)

I was asked if I had some of my paintings on my blog, and I do, but they are in various posts. Here I’m going to put together some of the ones I’ve posted here and create a new category for my blog so if people want to look at my paintings / collages, they can go here.

For the 1000 word story, part 2 2-3-14


A painting using light language, painted 2-1-14


A close up.

This is the first layer of that painting. It has light language on top of light language.


From “Thousand Word story” part 1 1-24-14

A watercolor pencil drawing of figs.


Mary and Jesus at Mercy Convent 9-17-2013

Mary 4

Blue vase 7-24-13
7-24-13 sketch

Praying in color 10-29-13
praying in color 10-29-13