“Some for the Road” is now available!

cover of SFtR

“Some for the Road” are meditations and milestones on the road of recovery, in a reading-a-day format. It took me two years to edit and assemble, and two years before that to write. The paperback is 484 pages, in a very readable 11 point font, and costs $25 if you order it from Amazon. The Kindle version is $9.99 to buy, free with Kindle Unlimited.


“Travel by Stamps” is now available!

cover image

So apparently I like making books.

“Travel by Stamps” is a picture book using stamps for the illustrations. I wrote and assembled the story in a tiny travel journal first. Then I scanned the stamps and typed up the words to the story, changing the layout to suit the new format of a printed work.

This was created for fun and as an homage to art journalists. I can’t sketch very well yet, but I’m learning quite a bit about layout and design for when I do.

This is available in print and e-book from Amazon. It is only 42 pages, but because it is full color it is more expensive than would be expected for a book that size.


“Fortunate Stamps” is available in print and e-book from Amazon

FS cover

This is a collection of short art-pieces I did using fortune cookie messages and used stamps. I created one page every morning before going to work.


The book itself was a useful way of learning a better way to assemble future books. Most important lesson – keep everything in chapters for as long as possible. Don’t work with it as one big document.

“The Condensed Gospel” is now available!

Cover of book

My latest book, “The Condensed Gospel” is now available from Amazon in print and e-book. It is the Gospel story, in order, as one story, with no repetition. It is designed to be the most accessible rendition of the message and life of Jesus ever yet produced.

Here is a link to the print version


And here is a link to the e-book version


I have them at the lowest price that Amazon will allow me to sell them.

“Free Range Faith” is now available!

After many months of writing, editing, proofing, formatting, and kvetching, my first book is now available.

You can search on Amazon for “Free Range Faith” or follow this link


This book is primarily religious in nature, and covers what it would be like to follow Jesus without dogma or creeds. Everything in it was previously published here.

Thank you for your support.