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Sealed (poem)

What would you do
if I told you
that the same oil
used to mark you
at your baptism
is the same
used to anoint
priests, bishops, kings, emperors?

You, in being marked
as Christ’s own forever
have a share in his kingship,
a part in his priesthood.

You, yes, you.

It was not for nothing
that you were born.
You are anointed,
consecrated to God.

Royal. Holy.

This honor is not limited to those
in the royal family.
Look at David.
A poor shepherd boy,
the youngest in the family.
Look at Moses,
raised in a stranger’s house.
They were nobodies until God called.

God called you too,
marked you as God’s own at your baptism.
Sealed. Sanctified. Saved.

What would you do now,
knowing this?

Why are you giving away your power,
your calling, to others?
Why do you follow priests and pastors, bishops, popes?
Your one teacher is God,
and God only.

Jesus says that we will do more and greater than he did –
more and greater than
restoring sight to the blind,
making the deaf hear,
making the lame walk,
making the dead come alive.


Imagine the healing of the world
at our hands,
the power of God
coursing through us.

It is here, now.
Anyone who tells you otherwise,
who keeps this to themselves,
is misleading you.

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