I like “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” because it explains ideas that I not only didn’t know the word for, I also hadn’t even thought of the idea. New words help us see in new ways. This is part of why it is important to not let languages die out. Each language (like each person) has a unique perspective on the world. Without all perspectives, it is like looking at the sky through a straw – we miss so much.

I’m randomly picking these words from an envelope and using them when I play with art paper. It is kind of a two-for-one deal. I want to work with both things, so I’m doing them together. These are fairly easy to do in the morning before going to work. I like to think that I’m an artist first and that my paying job is a second job. Or, I think of making art as taking a vitamin or a supplement. It nourishes me in unseen ways.

Here is the page from my art journal –

onism 022816

Note the disconnected feet. They are from another piece I did that I have not posted. I didn’t need them for that, but they are really interesting so I kept them. Also note the “you are here” stamp. This is my favorite thing right now. I misplace myself sometimes and the stamp helps. Also, Queen Elizabeth shows up – I sure like the amazing assortment of colors the Brits use in their stamps. Not a whole lot of other variety, but they have color down. I have whole embroidery box bin full of them, sorted by color.

Here is the detail with the definition of the word.
onism b

Now to find an online dictionary of obscure joys.