Layered art experiment (version four)

Things are progressing. It is approaching done.

The whole thing

Top left

top right

bottom left

bottom right


Detail, at an angle, of the top

I added
artist-quality gold paint mixed with glazing medium.
More (photocopied) pieces of foreign money and stamps.
art paper
gold oil pastel pencil
white gel pen
Distress Ink crushed olive stain (painted on)
white chalk pen
decoupage glue

I’d started another project and used a bit of paper towel to take off and blend some of the paint on it. I then used that (now paint-blurred) paper to dab on bits of paint to this one.

The gold paint makes the picture change color and tone if you look at it in different angles and lights.

Other paints I have used during this –
a blend of cadmium yellow/ olive green / copper
payne’s grey
deep violet
yellow deep
manganese blue
burnt sienna

I’m reminded of zen gardens and the ripples on koi ponds on the top area.

I realize there is no focus – it is all interesting. I’ve not tried to draw the eye to just one area, but all of them separately. This is a piece that takes a lot of time to explore.