A list of books about Judaism

Here is a short list of books that would be useful to anyone who is interested in learning more about Judaism, especially if they are Christian. They are in no particular order.

Menorahs, mezuzas, and other Jewish symbols by Chaikin, Miriam

The book of letters : a mystical alef-bait by Kushner, Lawrence

God was in this place and I, i did not know : a spiritual encounter : Genesis 28:16 by Kushner, Lawrence

The book of words by Kushner, Lawrence

The book of miracles by Kushner, Lawrence

Living Jewish life cycle by Milgram, Goldie

Jewish ritual by Olitzky, Kerry M

Reclaiming Judaism as a spiritual practice by Milgram, Goldie

Traditions : the complete book of prayers, rituals, and blessings for every Jewish home by Shendelman, Sara

How to run a traditional Jewish household by Greenberg, Blu

Jewish living: a guide to contemporary reform practice by Washofsky, Mark

The Jewish home : a guide to the Jewish holidays and life cycles by Syme, Daniel B

Honey from the rock : an introduction to Jewish mysticism by Kushner, Lawrence

And here’s small selection of Jewish movies that might be useful –
Under the domim tree