“Fortunate Stamps” is available in print and e-book from Amazon

FS cover

This is a collection of short art-pieces I did using fortune cookie messages and used stamps. I created one page every morning before going to work.


The book itself was a useful way of learning a better way to assemble future books. Most important lesson – keep everything in chapters for as long as possible. Don’t work with it as one big document.

4 x 6 index card art, December 2015

It is customary that the woman of the house not work for the time while the candles are burning at Chanukah. I decided to make art during this time. I’ve enjoyed these little quick art projects in the past but have not made time for them since I was working on editing and formatting my third book. I’m glad I made time to do these during this time. It forced me to sit still and play.

12-6-15 1st night of Chanukah
120615 H1a

120615 H1b

12-7-12 2nd
120715 H2a

120715 H2b

120715 H2c

12-8-15 3rd night
120815 H3a

120815 H3b

12-9-15 4th night
120915 H4a

120915 H4b

12-10-15 5th night
121015 H5a

121015 H5b

12-11-15 6th night
121115 H6a

121115 H6b

121115 H6c

(door 1)
121115 H6d door1

(door 2)
121115 H6d door2

(door 3)
121115 H6d door3

(door 4)
121115 H6d door4

12-12-15 7th night
121215 H7a

121215 H7b

121215 H7c

121215 H7d

12-13-15 8th night
121315 H8a

121315 H8b