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Feminism is sexism

I am not a feminist. I am a humanist. I believe in equal rights for everybody.

I don’t believe that it is fair or just for women to focus only on the accomplishments of women and ignore half of humanity.

I believe that everybody should have access to healthcare and good jobs.

I believe that everybody should be treated fairly and honestly.

I believe that if we focus only on our victimhood we will remain victims. Men are victims too and they have been excluded as well.

For women to have a female only-God is to exclude the male side of God as well. God has no gender.

A woman is being sexist if she only reads books by women, talks only to women, and worships only a female version of God.

It is important if we are going to move forward in this world that everybody be lifted up. We are not going to get anywhere if one group raises itself above another. If women raise themselves up higher than men that they are being just like the man who they say are oppressing them.

One thought on “Feminism is sexism

  1. I am a proud lifelong feminist and those I know are also humanists including me. In fact, I view them as synonymous.

    Why should anyone not be able to view god in whatever way works for them? Who is to say what god does or does not look like? Many women who I know do choose the female side of their gods which by the way has been around for a very long time. Might want to read ‘When God Was A Woman’ by Merlin Stone. I for one believe how one perceives god is a very private and subjective matter.

    The feminists I know fight to be equal not superior to men and they do not hate them. The feminists I know believe everyone should stand with each other and not one in front or back of.

    Will you share why you believe otherwise? Oh yes, there are some in the feminist movement who hate men and everything the male gender represents just as there are some males who really do despise women. I hope that all of us who fight for equality will not stereotype and learn to respect our differences and share our strengths rather than stereotype each other leading to divisiveness rather than unity.


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