A lot of people move to Nashville from all around the world and they speak a lot of different languages. I think it would be easier if everybody learned the same language to communicate with each other. I don’t think it would be fair if everybody had to learn Arabic and Kurdish and Somali and French and Spanish. If everybody learns the same language we are all on the same page.

However, there is a push to have all government documents in Spanish, and there are many businesses that advertise that the speak Spanish there. Not any other language – just Spanish. The people from all other countries are not included. Translating and printing all government documents in two languages is expensive, and we are constantly having budget cuts. Where would this money come from? If they follow the usual trend then people’s jobs would be cut and service hours would be shortened.

For us to make everything in Spanish is to say that the Mexicans are unusual among all the other people who move here. It is saying that they are unable to learn English. I feel it is selling them short, and that it is an insult to their intelligence. If we print everything in Spanish and we all have to learn it, then they don’t have to learn it at all.

I feel we are handicapping them rather than helping them.

Drink more water

I have discovered that water fixes a lot of problems. Two of the biggest ones that I have discovered are headaches and asthma.

If you have a headache, give water a try first instead of taking a pain reliever. Don’t have just a sip of water. Have at least a full glass of water and then wait 20 minutes. Then, if you still have a headache you can take a pain pill.

It is easier on your stomach and on your liver. There are no side effects to water. And, if you were to take a pain pill you would have to wait 20 minutes anyway in order for it to start working.

I wonder if the trick with pain pills is that you have to swallow them with a liquid and it is doing the work and not the pain pill.

I have noticed also this works with asthma. When I feel a twinge of asthma coming on I drink a glass of water and within five minutes the twinge of asthma goes away. It isn’t that water cures asthma, so much as asthma is a sign to me that I am dehydrated.

We need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. I mean water – not sodas or tea or alcohol or coffee. Water. If we do this, then we will prevent a lot of problems.

Our bodies are made up of three quarters water. We need to replenish it regularly. We need to drink water throughout the day and not do it all at once. Even drinking tap water is better than taking a pill because the pills have dangerous side effects. Water also has no calories so if you are watching your figure it is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

I have found it also helps with aches and pains and depression.

Don’t ask your doctor if water is right for you. Your doctor can’t make any money off you drinking water.

How are you?

I think everybody should have to work in retail for at least a year. Then we all might learn how to be civilized.

When I worked at a fabric store I would ask customers all day long how they were doing. They would answer me and they would almost never ask me how I was doing. One day I got really frustrated and I said “And I’m fine too thanks!” I got a really strange look. The person didn’t get that they hadn’t asked me how I was doing and they didn’t get that it was rude not to do so.

The person behind the counter is not a machine. She is a human being.

Treating a human being like she is a machine is how we are falling apart. It is how we are losing our humanity. Common courtesy isn’t common anymore.

When I am interacting with a customer service representative and they ask me how I’m doing, I’ll reply and then ask them how they are doing. They will reply, and then follow it up with “…and thank you for asking.” They are surprised that someone even asked them.

It doesn’t take any extra time to ask someone how they’re doing. But when you are going to ask someone how they’re doing you need to actually wait for the answer. And you need to look them in the eye if you are in person.

Just saying it and not meaning it is pointless. You might as well not say it at all. If you say it and you don’t mean it is just a reflex action and not a real human interaction. It is important for us to remember that we are all humans working together. If we treat each other like machines, then we will become machines. We will become less than human.

Poem- thanks

Do you do nice things
because they are
the right thing
to do,


do you
do them
so that
you’ll get a thank-you note
and praise?

We all like
thank you notes.
We like
to know
that what we
are doing
is appreciated.

Sometimes, though,
you have to
recalibrate yourself
and understand
that what
you’re doing
is the reward


I remember a time when the priest at my old church was talking about this non-denominational church that had started up in Nashville. She couldn’t figure out why they had such a hugely following. The unspoken part was that it was huge in comparison to the attendance at her church. Average attendance was about 80 at hers, and about 300 at this new thing.

I felt it, but I didn’t have the words at the time. I now know. She was jealous.

Instead of being glad that the Gospel was being shared, instead of being happy that more people were turning towards Jesus, she was jealous that this church was getting the numbers and hers wasn’t.

Like it is about numbers.
Like it is a popularity contest.
Like it is about her at all.

The fact that she was jealous is why nobody showed up at her church. She had made it her church. She had held on to it so hard that she had forgotten who was in charge of it.

It isn’t the minister.

It is the One who never ordained anybody, and told us not to have Fathers or Rabbis or Teachers, because we have all of that in God.

If Jesus is the head of the Church, all will go well. When it is a competition and a popularity contest, not so much.

She said “We have all of that, and we have sacrament!” as to why her church, her denomination was better. But who needs an empty ritual, a show of communion when you have true Communion with God through Jesus, when you have a living relationship with him?

She was afraid of the relationship I had formed. None of the classes offered there taught about how to have this kind of relationship. I’m surprised she even allowed people to go to Cursillo, which is all about meeting Jesus in person.

But then, she didn’t want me to go to it. She thought I was being called to be a deacon, but Cursillo would have been too much.

The fire still burns in me.

I still wonder about a denomination that confuses someone who wants to help people with someone who should be ordained. Surely, wanting to be helpful should be normal, not so unusual that it requires a committee and Bishop approval and homework and years of study.