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Weather report

I’m convinced there are only 5 days a year when people are happy about the weather. They are usually in early spring or early fall.

There are plenty of days where the weather is ok, just not perfect, and people don’t even notice. Sometimes the way to be grateful is to notice what it is not.

It is not raining.
It is not raining hard.
It is not flooding.
It is not 100 degrees.
It is not freezing.
There is no tornado
…volcanic eruption

You get the idea.

All in all, the weather isn’t bad. All in all, we are ungrateful wretches most of the time. All in all, we forget to be thankful for the many daily blessings that we are graced with.

“This is the day The Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.”(Psalm 118:24)

This applies to every day. If we fail to notice the beauty and miracle of every day, we will spend our lives miserable. Just getting another day to live is a blessing.

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