The same, only different

This is the same tree, and yet not the same tree. We went to Grandfather Mountain from October 10th through 13th, and I happened to take pictures of the same tree over the course of the weekend. It looks different every time, in part because of the changing weather and light, and in part because it was approaching the end of fall, so the leaves were coming down. When I went through my pictures I noticed the dramatic changes this tree had over the course of just a few days. Just goes to show how much can happen over a short time. It is good to slow down to notice it.

Saturday the tenth, early morning. Misty and cold.

Sunday the 11th, late evening, the sun is going down.

Monday the twelfth, early morning. Wind the night before.

Tuesday the thirteenth, early morning, more wind the night before, bright sun.

Lunchtime walks, 2012

Last year I started going on short walks at lunchtime. I took my phone with me to keep track of the time. I started to notice some pretty special things along the way and started taking pictures. These are all taken in the same area.

It just goes to show you don’t have to go anywhere special to see something special. You just have to open your eyes. Everything is new and unique to somebody. Pretend you are a visitor from another country and look at your own surroundings in a new way.

There is a large sinkhole on the property, and there is a walking path around it. It is kind of like a treehouse. It is very nice to walk here when it is very hot outside because it is 10 degrees cooler. This was taken 1-24-12


2-7-12 Foggy morning.

3-15-12 Cherry trees budding.

3-15-12 The stream leading to the sinkhole. It has water in it most of the time.

3-15-12 A herd of clover. Sometimes things are more interesting if you look at them in a different way.

3-21-12 The cherry trees are blooming now.

3-22-12 A beetle on the building.

4-4-12 A redbud.

4-21-12 If the weather is bad I walk in the stacks. This way I have no excuse to not walk.

4-30-12 A bug cocooned in a leaf. It fell off – I didn’t pull it off to take this picture.

5-1-12 Another bug in a leaf.


5-1-12 A different view.

5-15-12 A black walnut.

5-17-12 Cone on some type of evergreen. They look like caltrops.

6-28-12 I’ve come to realise there are a lot of dragonflies at the library. I’ve seen three different kinds.

8-9-12 There was a very hard storm just hours before, and the force of the water flattened the grass in the stream.

8-28-12 Perhaps a dried black walnut? It looks like a brain.

10-2-12 Monarch butterfly

10-1-12 Redbud
10-16-12 redbud

10-20-12 American sycamore, I think.

11-8-12 A bench for admiring the view.

11-15-12 Sometimes you have to look up.