Panoramic pictures taken at Grandfather Mountain

Apparently my phone had a panorama feature all along and I didn’t know. I’d sort of created panoramas by taking several shots and putting them together, but this was so much better. I found this after accidently touching the wrong part of the screen.

These were taken late May in Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

From our cabin.






Sunset at the top of the mountain.






The walkway to the swinging bridge.




Mountain waves (visual poem)

mountain waves 031116

I spend part of May in the Blue Ridge mountains celebrating my wedding anniversary. The view from Grandfather Mountain (in Western North Carolina) is like this – when is it a mountain, and when is it a wave in the ocean? It is overwhelming, especially at sunset

This is composed of cut up cardstock tests of Distress Ink – the edges of the main test. Reassembled like this, it looks like I’m trying to take pictures of the mountains, and putting captions underneath.

Card stock
Distress Ink
gold paint with glazing medium
Tim Holtz Idea-ology quotes.


(Click on the image to see it larger)

The same, only different

This is the same tree, and yet not the same tree. We went to Grandfather Mountain from October 10th through 13th, and I happened to take pictures of the same tree over the course of the weekend. It looks different every time, in part because of the changing weather and light, and in part because it was approaching the end of fall, so the leaves were coming down. When I went through my pictures I noticed the dramatic changes this tree had over the course of just a few days. Just goes to show how much can happen over a short time. It is good to slow down to notice it.

Saturday the tenth, early morning. Misty and cold.

Sunday the 11th, late evening, the sun is going down.

Monday the twelfth, early morning. Wind the night before.

Tuesday the thirteenth, early morning, more wind the night before, bright sun.

Grandfather Mountain – the beauty of the near and the far away

I don’t take normal pictures when I travel. I don’t take pictures of tourist spots or of myself or relatives standing in front of those tourist spots. I take pictures of things that are really tiny and hard to see unless you get right up on them, or of things that are really far away.

These first few pictures are taken on Grandfather Mountain, NC, near where we stay. I love the idea of finding beauty just outside your door.




OK. So I like lichen and moss. I like to think of it as a beautiful tiny world unto itself.




Slightly less close up, and with bluets.


A burl on a tree. It is an infection that causes unusual growth. Some woodcarvers create bowls out of burls. In this way, the tree does most of the work.


A rock that I like, even though it doesn’t have a lot of moss or lichens on it.

Then we went up to the top of the mountain. There are some wonderful far away views of the rippling waves of mountains.

Turning left.

Further left.


Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite flowers. They are called bluets. I first saw them when I was on my honeymoon. We went to Grandfather Mountain, which is in the Western part of North Carolina. They are tiny little flowers – less than an inch across. They are a delicate pale sky blue, with a gold center. They bloom in May. I think of them as our special wedding flower. I feel like they bloomed just for us, to celebrate our wedding.

Here is a huge bank of them on Grandfather Mountain.

Let’s get closer, shall we?

Oh, why not get even closer?

Gosh, they are so lovely, why not get right up in them?

They are like looking at a field of stars.

I love them in part because they are not showy. They don’t call attention to themselves. You have to get right up on top of them to see them, which is perfect for my eyesight. I have come to really appreciate tiny things because that is all I can see well these days. I have to take my glasses off to see anything this close, but I see it better than I see regular things with my glasses. Bifocals are in my future.