The word “selah” is comprised of the Hebrew letters
Samech סֶ֫
Lamed לָ
Hey ה

So many translations say “Selah” is an unknown Hebrew word, possibly giving a musical notation, as it is most often used in Psalms. This makes sense, as they were meant to be sung.

However, Hebrew is pretty simple if you know that the letters are essentially pictograms – and the “images” spell out a simple sentence. Each word has its meaning within the letters themselves.

“Samech” means a prop – support, or turn. It can also refer to Satan / snake
It is a time to stop and check your path. Are you heading in the right direction? It is a warning and a chance to reform – re direct your path. Are you walking towards God? Are you walking with Jesus? Or are you following your own ideas?

“Lamed” means cattle goad, staff. Symbolically it means prod, go toward, toungue. It is the prodding stick used to move an ox. Sometimes we are like that ox and need a strong stick to get us going in the right direction.

“Hey” is a window or fence. It refers to revelation, to perceive. It is also the definite article “The”. It reminds us of THE God – not a god. It is sometimes used as a shorthand for referring to the Name of God. “Hey” is a way of focusing your attention – of keeping out what will distract you, lead you astray. Praise God the God the one, in silence and all. Turn from your own understanding. Awaken and turn towards life.

You praise God by taking this time to think about what you just heard. Inwardly digest it. Let it reorient you.

Be silent, and listen in your heart to the Words you just heard.

Stop – and praise God by meditating upon his Word.

Be still and know that I AM God.

It is like how Jesus would say “He who has ears to hear should hear.”

Essentially it means to give praise to God by being silent and contemplating what you have just heard in the Word. Your praise is not one of noise, but a contemplative silence.

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