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Funeral or memorial service template

(Feel free to use this as a template to construct your funeral or memorial service. You can add too or delete parts.)

Full Baptismal Name
Name as you would like it on the Program:
Date of Birth Date of Death
Time & Place of Funeral
Location of Visitation & Hrs.
Casket ______ or Cremains _______in Church
Main Celebrant Concelebrating Clergy
Processional Hymn
Scripture Reading I Reader
(From Old Testament)
Psalm (to be sung):
Scripture Reading II Reader
(From New Testament)
Gospel Reading
General Intercessions (Reader)
Preparation of Gifts Hymn
Gift Bearers
Communion Hymn
Communion Meditation Hymn
Family Comments
Recessional Hymn
Special Requests and Arrangements
Contact Person & Tele. No.
Brief Biography both factual and personal for Priests information:

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