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Artwork in process – “Praying for my enemies”

I first worked on this canvas over a year ago while dealing with a very difficult person in my life. This is one of the ways I chose to process my feelings.

This is how it stayed for about a year. This is on a stretched canvas, with acrylic paint I applied with my fingers. I then added silver sharpie light language. It is my prayer for healing for our relationship.


Here it is at a different angle so you can see the light language prayer.


In part because I’m learning about layering collage, and in part because new canvases are expensive and take up a lot of space, I’m using old artworks to add new material. The focus is the same, but now about a different person and series of issues.

Here I’ve added washi tape.


Then I painted a layer of gesso on it in random swirls, obscuring some of the image.


Top left


Top right


Bottom left


Bottom right


More layers are to be added.

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