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Traveling house

This is on the corner of a Presbyterian church’s lot, like an afterthought. The style doesn’t match anything around it. It is for rent, but looks like it has been abandoned for quite a while. It reminds me of the stories in Speculative Fiction that talk about a traveling house – one that isn’t in the same spot for very long. Sometimes they are magic shops.


This would make an interesting studio / workshop / place to host retreats.

It is long and narrow.

Note the awning over the door, and the second floor door on the building next to it.

Putting the camera to the front door window, a view inside. What interesting arches! I wonder what this was. Is that a small window for a receptionist? It seems far bigger on the inside than it appears to be outside.

Another angle.

A view through the front window. An office, and a small kitchen with coffee-themed knick-knacks.

Showing the interesting detail (Spanish?) and how close it is to the church. I feel this was built long after the church was. Did they need extra money? Was it a rectory? Why does it not match the building style then? If it is for rent, does this mean it is a private building? There is a sign for a shingle outside.

The back door. My back is up against the church to take this shot. There is a small (foot-wide) moat/ditch you have to step over to get to this door, with a large drain to the right. I’d want a bridge.

Looking up from the back door, a sign of a chimney. It is not visible from the front or side. It is for an unusual internal fireplace.

The side furthest from the church, in a small alley. Interesting awning and opaque glass on this side.

This is a view of the church.

These are pictures of the church wall nearest the building. It is made of two different kinds of brick – Old and New. So – is the Old a façade? Is the New a rebuild? The Old is what faces the street, and matches the rest of the church. This part of the building appears to have been constructed after the church was built.

brick detail

brick 2

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