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More volume

There is this push to have more and more volume in the headwrapping community. I don’t understand it. Here’s a picture to illustrate what I mean. The volume is the point, not the person, so I’ve removed her features.


She says that this is constructed from a base of a sort of bag that goes on your head called a “volumizer” and it is stuffed with bunched up scarves. Some people use bath loofahs too. I can understand if you have a lot of hair. It has to go somewhere. But the volumizer and the extra scarves and the loofahs are for people who have short hair. They want to look like they have a lot of hair.

People “ooh” and “ahh” over this. They think it is amazing. I think it is strange. This is what I see when I see these kinds of posts.


Why are women stuffing their heads like they stuff their bras? Why do they want to look like they have more than they do? Why can’t they be pleased with what they have? Is this big head envy?

Then there is a woman who wraps her scarves in such a way that instead of going back, they go up. She ends up covering half of at least one eyebrow with the unusual way she wraps, just to get it all to stay on. Her headcovering looks like she has Queen Nefertiti’s crown on her head.


Perhaps that is her goal. Perhaps she feels this looks best. Perhaps it helps in other ways – like it eases strain on her neck?

She says that people have told her she looks “weird” and they suggest she wear a wig instead. She thinks they are making fun of her wearing a scarf. I suspect that really they think that the way she wraps is weird – not that she wraps.

This is what I see when I see her posts.


Covering your head is strange enough in Western society. Why add to the strangeness by doing it in an odd way – making it bigger than it needs to be, or piling it all on top of your head?

Is this really necessary if there isn’t any hair under there?  I get it if you have long hair because you don’t cut it.  But to stuff in extra for this look?  Why? It seems like it would make life more difficult.  How would you drive? The head-rest wouldn’t accommodate this.


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