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Naps for everybody

I wonder if we would all function better if we broke the day into two parts. Wake early, but then have a nap from around 3:00 to 4:30. This is the time that children are irritable and adults are cranky. Perhaps it is a natural biorhythm that we are ignoring.

This is not a new idea. The fact that the word “siesta” exists points to this. But that word is only in one culture. The need for sleep is not cultural but biological. Perhaps it simply means that nobody else is noticing it. It doesn’t mean it isn’t real if nobody is talking about it.

Have you ever noticed yourself or others getting short tempered or snappish mid afternoon? Being hot or overstimulated only makes it worse. You can eat a light snack and drink some water to ease this, but a nap is free and has no calories.

The idea of driving home, taking a nap and driving back to work is not what I intend. Work gets too many hours, weeks, years, of our lives as is. Just go home, have a nap and have the second part of your day your way, refreshed and revitalized.

This is my ideal. I’m working on making it a reality for everyone. We need 30 hour work weeks. We need to become more productive at constructing our own lives, not at our work lives.

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