Poem – haste

How many people are not allowed to vote
Her husband and I don’t think they can be
Here we go back to class and it is important

After all the time of relearning the time of this is not
Another child has been taught this way
As for me the danger is that you have been there

Scary and the world better than nothing to do
Sent as well as possible for the ability to heal
Sometimes I think that you can see what I want

This may be black
There is nothing more I have to do
These things aren’t really there

Everything we are going through my head
Everyone needs and feelings do not
Enjoy your child to be a good idea to be
Either you are going through my head of this line between

(Constructed using the Kindle’s predictive text feature. A coworker and I took turns creating the stanzas. There are no additional words or editing from us here.)