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Poem – giveaway

Why don’t we give it all away?
Let’s give everybody a gold star,
an A for effort,
a big party just for showing up,
for being there,
for being born.

Let’s give everybody $50 an hour
for doing everything and anything
regardless of skill or training.

Let’s never say anything other than
you’re awesome
you’re amazing
you’re perfect like you are
even though they are falling
and failing
and flaccid.

Let’s make sure that nobody
has their feelings hurt
but more importantly
that they never try
to do better,
that they continue to stay
exactly where they are –
less than mediocre
lower than average,
because we are afraid
of bullying them
by wanting them to not settle for
next to last place.

We are creating a generation
(a country)
of people who don’t try
won’t try
to get stronger
in mind or body.
They don’t need to.
They are told they are perfect
just like they are.
There is no incentive to try
at all.

While being kind is good,
while being a bully is bad,
there is danger
in complacency.

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