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Poem. Preparing to go on retreat.

I’m preparing for silence,
for stillness.
I’m preparing
to not prepare.
I’m readying myself
to be open to the idea
that God
has a better to-do list
than I could ever
make up.

My lists have
chores and groceries,
recycling and letters to write.
They are filled with
the minutia of life.

Get tire pressure checked.
Buy rocks for the garden.
Get cholesterol test results.

God’s list is much shorter.
Rest, and know
that I am.

God says
“Here’s a beautiful lunch I made
for you,
with My hands.”
God says
“Here’s a lovely flower
– come look at it.”
God says
“Let’s paint a picture
right now
with fingerpaints.”

God is the best child,
always wanting to show me
the latest treasure
or discovery.

I, the impatient,
harried parent,
have to put down
my purse,
my iPhone,
my canvas work bag
just to
pick them up
to look at them.

And maybe that is God’s plan.
Distract us
from ourselves
so we can
find ourselves.
Make us put
so God can
pick us up.

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