The parable of the sower.

Jesus was again teaching beside the sea. He decided to teach while sitting in a boat in the water because a large crowd had gathered around him. The crowd stood on the shore to listen to him. They had come to hear him from every town.

He taught them many things using parables, including this one: “Think about the person who went out to sow his field. While he was sowing, some seeds fell along the path and birds came and ate it. Other seeds fell where there were more rocks then soil. The seed sprang up quickly, but then withered just as quickly in the sun because it didn’t have deep roots to gather moisture. Other seeds fell among the thornbushes and the thorns made it impossible for them to produce a crop. Yet other seeds fell on good ground and were able to produce 30, 60, even 100 times what was sown. Anyone who has ears should listen to this!”

MT 13:1-9, MK 4:1-9, LK 8:4-8

True relationships

His mother and siblings came to him while he was speaking with a large crowd, but they couldn’t reach him. They sent word that they wanted to speak with him. Someone in the crowd told him “Look, your mother and siblings are standing outside waiting to speak with you.”

Instead of going out, he replied “Who is my family?” Indicating his followers who were seated in a circle around him, he said “Here they are! Whoever hears and does the will of my Father in heaven is my mother and brother and sister.”

MT 12:46-50, MK 3:31-35, LK 8:19-21

The servant of the Lord

Jesus left the area when he became aware that they were plotting against him.

MT 12:15a

He left, traveling with his disciples to the sea. Immense crowds followed him from Galilee, Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, beyond the Jordan, and around Tyre and Sidon. The huge crowds sought him out because they had heard the news about everything he was doing.

MK 3:7-8, LK 6:17, MT 12:15b.

They came to listen to his teachings and be healed. Everyone who was afflicted by an unclean spirit was healed.

LK 6:18

The crowds were thronging to get near him to touch him because he had already healed many other people before, and healing power was coming out of him that day.

MK 3:10, LK 6:19

There were so many people trying to get to him that Jesus told his disciples to prepare a small boat for him so that he would not be crushed by the crowds.

MK 3:9

The unclean spirits made the people they had possessed fall down and cry out “You are the Son of God!” when they saw him.

MK 3:11

He strongly warned them to not reveal who he was.

MT 12:16, MK 3:12

In doing this he fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, who said –
“Behold, this is my chosen servant, the one I love and my soul delights in. I will anoint him with my Spirit, and he will tell the world about justice. He will not fight or yell, and he will not speak in street corners. He will be kind to the weak and give hope to the hopeless, until he has successfully brought justice to the world. His name will bring hope to everyone.”

MT 12:17-21