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The Cold 3 (an ephemera story)

bank 3

The banks were next. Zeke got another Message, just two days later. Zeke got most of the Messages, but anybody could. It wasn’t a special thing that just one person got. The community was suspicious of any group that only had one prophet, one person who Heard. The goal was for everybody to hear. How could they be one Body if they didn’t all work together in harmony?

Marsha and Donald went first. They took some of the cash the community had saved up from sales of produce and booklets, tens and twenties. They got it broken into ones. They had hundreds of them. Then they went to the shops and bought everything with ones, but not until they’d dosed them up good first. The money would spread around, and so would the viruses. They didn’t even need to use any of their precious pamphlets this way. Those cost a lot to print. They didn’t have much money, what with all the missions work they were doing.

They thought about a way to get the people who used credit cards, but they couldn’t. Not yet. Hopefully a Message would come about that.

On the whole, they liked it when people used cash. Cash was best, if you had to use money. Cash wasn’t traceable. The government didn’t have to know what you spent every penny on with cash. They only took cash at their corner stand where they sold what little they did to support themselves, for that very reason. Sure, they lost some business, but that was OK. What did those people do before plastic, anyway? What will they do when the crash hits and the grid falls? No electricity then. Those fancy machines won’t work. If the Ranch had its way, no machines would work, ever.

People didn’t need to trust in banks or money, said the Message. Putting your trust in money was the same as idolatry. Thinking you could shore up your future by saving up pieces of paper? That’s crazy-talk. Only God can protect you, not paper. Sure, it says “In God we trust” on it, but if they really believed it, they’d not use it.

Remember the lilies in the valley? They didn’t work, and they had beautiful clothes. Remember the ravens? They didn’t save up, and they had plenty. The community thought the same way. No worries about material things. Worry made you sick. Worry drew away your focus on the LORD.

Soon it was going to be time to deliver the big Message to the world. Soon everybody would know the Way, the Truth, and the Light of the LORD. That, or be dead. Made no difference.

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