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Getting out (on addiction and depression)

Getting out of addiction and/or depression is like taking antibiotics. When you take antibiotics you think that once the week is over you are done and you are cured. But the disease of addiction and/or depression isn’t like that at all. They never really go away. You just hold them off for a little while. You have to keep taking your medicine every day in order to stay healthy and strong.

Your medicine isn’t necessarily a pill. It might be, don’t get me wrong. I take daily medicine prescribed by a doctor for my bipolar disorder. But I also take “medicine” that is prescribed by the true Doctor, and this medicine includes daily exercise, eating healthy, and being creative. There are other things I do which I discuss in this blog.

Getting enough sleep is critical. You may have heard of the idea of cutting your nose off to spite your face and that is very true with these diseases. With the idea of burning your candle at both ends, you’ll just end up with no light at all. With addiction and depression the result is the same. You have to put proper fuel in your body’s engine, and sleep is a big one.

Consider it this way – You are stuck behind a dam that is leaking. When you are feeling well, do everything you can to shore up that dam. That way, when you are down, you won’t get as wet. Sure, a few rocks will come loose and more water will come in when you are down. When you are back to “normal”, (Admittedly hard to spot because sometimes being down feels like your normal), add more rocks to that dam. It may feel like one step forwards and two steps backwards at times. Keep doing it. Trust me.

Every effort towards getting healthy adds up. It takes a while – this isn’t an overnight thing. This isn’t even something you can be sure will “stick” after a month. You have to keep doing it every day.

Sometimes being addicted or stuck in depression feels like you are possessed. You feel helpless to do anything about it. You want to stop doing what you are doing, but you see yourself doing it over and over. There is a way out and it is in your control. The first thing is taking control when you can.

Part of that is you must stop thinking that you have no control – if you blame others for your problems – that is your problem. Fix what you can, as often as you can. Understand that there will be times when you can’t – the situation won’t let you, you don’t have the resources. Accept it, and pounce at the next opportunity.

Routine is essential. Write down a list of what helps you feel better. Stick to it. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick to all of it every day. Forgive yourself and try harder – or modify the list to something more reasonable. Don’t start off too big at first.

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